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UGot2Play: Interactive Kiosk Gaming for Retail Header

UGot2Play: Interactive Kiosk Gaming for Retail


Categories: Interface Design, Usability, User Experience Design, Visual Design

UGot2Play came to us with an innovative and fascinating product: a retail kiosk where users are able to play games for instant prizes and sponsored packages by retailers. Their product would be placed in malls and retail environments, allowing users to play an array of games on a large, interactive touchscreen.

Our work together started simply: with usability testing of the current product. We worked to find out where there might be usability issues in the current product, conducting usability tests with participants and interviewing users about their experience. This work led to a wealth of insights, and (un)fortunately, a litany of things to improve on.

Following this testing, we set out to design a better version. We evaluated the product from the ground up, looking at all aspects – from gameplay, to account management, to interaction with a larger screen mounted above the game. From there, we helped them re-envision the architecture, flow and screen-by-screen details of the product, giving the entire product a fresh, much more usable interface. The final result was a much more engaging, professional product, ready for primetime in any retail location.

Game on.