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GIGI: Innovation in Healthcare Technology


Categories: Strategy, User Experience Design

Gigi, a central Florida startup, contacted us in the Spring of 2013 to help them evaluate their current product direction and help design a more holistic take on their offering. They’d begun preliminary development, and realized quickly the importance of a strong, overarching strategy for the product.

Over the course of a couple months, we worked with Gigi to develop insights and understanding about their customers and use that insight to drive a high-level experience plan: what we call the Experience Blueprint. By collaborating with the founders of Gigi and their technical team, we developed a thorough and integrated plan for how their product and service components should be orchestrated. Focusing on getting to a launchable and manageable product, we also helped them develop a roadmap for the initial release and subsequent product development – a critical component in bringing the product to market.

Our Experience Blueprint helped the Gigi team to see how all the components of their service fit together, and helped to coordinate the development of multiple sides of the service simultaneously, assuring that their product was both intuitive and human-centered from day one. Additionally, this work helped the Gigi team understand better how to wrap a scalable and meaningful business model around the product.