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FusionPrep: The Website Header

FusionPrep: The Website


Categories: Interface Design, Strategy, User Experience Design, Visual Design

A great product needs a great website to sell it, so it’s no surprise that our friends at FusionPrep engaged us to help them create the web experience to sell their iPad product. After having designed their app, we set out to create a great environment through which they could sell it, using the same modern and sleek design direction we’d used in their product.

Using what we’d discovered during our research for the product, in addition to our work with FusionPrep in evaluating their sales process, we developed a site experience that quickly oriented users to the product, discussed benefits in an understandable and tangible way, and ushered them toward the sales funnel in an efficient manner. The new site corresponded with a major launch at a conference, and wowed attendees and viewers at the booth.

Today, FusionPrep is quickly expanding, with restaurants signing on constantly. We’re excited to have helped with that growth.