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FusionPrep: Better Restaurant Prep


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In mid-2013, our friends at FusionPrep contacted us to help them create a better experience for their customers using their new app. Their existing product was functional, but they were ready to grow, and growth meant bringing a more mature product to market.

We began the project as we try to begin every project: with research. We spent several days exploring restaurant kitchens, watching the prep and inventory processes and speaking to kitchen employees and managers – the users of the product. During the process, we uncovered important behavioral themes and environmental issues, such as the need for high speed, high accuracy interfaces in a busy, messy environment. Collaboration with restaurant staff helped us develop new ways to speed up their kitchen workflow, resulting in faster and more efficient food prep.

Our research gave us mountains of insight into how better to design FusionPrep’s product, with major changes to both application architecture, process flow, and the user interface of the app. The new app is modern, easy-to-use and scalable – a foundation on which FusionPrep has been able to grow and expand their business. We’ve been excited to watch FusionPrep’s business explode since our design work together!